Pain behind left knee

  1. Pain behind left knee

    What up guys!!! Been having this pain in my left knee on the backside of it. It's on the outer most side right before it turns to the front of knee. When knee is at 90 degree angle I can pinch it with my fingers like it's a wire and I can follow it up into my hammys. Could this be a hamstring problem or tendon ligament the problem?

    Pain starting happening after I fell rather hard on that knee about 2 weeks ago.

  2. Sounds like mcl acl go to doctors

  3. That's your biceps femoris tendon you feel. When do you experience the pain?

  4. Mainly walking around or when I've been sittin for awhile then get up

  5. That could be a hamstring issue. The hamstring is shortened at the knee when you are sitting, and then getting up it is stretched.

    The walking around part leads me to believe it may be something of a more ligamentous. Probably best to get it checked out. In the meantime, ice

  6. Anti inflammatory like ibuprofen be any use ?

  7. Temporarily

    generally you would take an NSAID with ice and rest for 2 weeks to decrease inflammation and allow for recovery. Longer time on NSAID, however, will reduce CT repair


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