confused about how the body recovers itself

  1. confused about how the body recovers itself

    I've noticed how some people advocate training pushing and pulling muscles on the same day, supposedly to avoid overtraining the bi's and tri's. What I don't understand is how this is any different from working your triceps and biceps on a different day than your back and chest. You are still using the same amount of volume in the end, the only difference is that with push/pull all the damage thats going to be done for tri's or bi's is done on the same day. Is the body able to recover easier this way, or are these push/pull advocates relying on some type of pseudo-science?

  2. I've used both... I prefer to separate them when I'm on something that drastically improves my recovery, and combine them when I'm not. I also adjust total workout volume for that day. So they get trained a bit less than when separated.

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  3. The reason I'm asking is because I'm using DC training, so biceps are getting hit indirectly on back/tri/chest/shoulder day and directly on the other day.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Dan
    or are these push/pull advocates relying on some type of pseudo-science?

    I always seperate them.
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  5. Thanks Bobo, thats what I thought. Anyways, I'm going to carefully monitor how much stronger my bi's are getting to make sure they aren't being overtrained.



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