1. Hips

    What are some good hip strengthening exercises you guys use? Just try to make my squat better
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  2. deads or rackpulls, maybe?
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by waynaferd
    deads or rackpulls, maybe?
    I do deads but since I'm tall there's Not as much hip involvement that'll help my squat, I'll look up rackpulls thanks
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  4. Pretty much half deads LOL that's all I can think of that really involves a lot of hip movement.

    But maybe front squats or other types may help?
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Santee View Post
    What are some good hip strengthening exercises you guys use? Just try to make my squat better
    that's a good question.

    deadlifts are my major hip excercise. sometimes ill throw in a little isolation like bicycle (aka air bike; also works abs) and the gym's hip abductor machine if i have time (not the most comfortable exercise, let me tell you.)

    I'm nearly 6 foot, and i have no problem doing deadlifts. i love em'. if you're really tall, try getting some 25lb plates(and bringing them to the gym) that have a huge diameter (so the plate hits the ground faster) and make sure to use them on the deadlifts. (i do it sometimes)
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  6. Im six feet tall, and my hips are quite involved in deads. Is your form on.


  7. Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ
    Im six feet tall, and my hips are quite involved in deads. Is your form on.
    Yeah my forms on, my deads are good, but I need hip work for my deep atg squats lol, I'm thinking good mornings?
    Lol were the same height, what's your morphology though? Deads come a lot easier for then squats
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  8. LOL...got caught up in the reading this thread I lost your origianl question..lol...yeh..I can pull more. My legs are naturally big though from being a bi ol boy. My knees just suck. I found that doing lighter higher rep ATG sqauts helped when i went on to heavier ones.( I mean in hip strength)


  9. Cable hip pull throughs, barbell glute bridge, glute-ham raise, rumanian dead lifts, kettle bell swings (when done correctly) are some examples.

    Here's a really good article



  10. Are you sure it's your hips and not a weak core?
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  11. Good point, could be both, I'll post a video next time I do squats.
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  12. Hip thrusts, weighted with barbell on pelvis done them before and they work very well i do them a bit variation with one leg in the air so its single legged.

    Weighted hip thrusts - YouTube

    Now i know there mainly a glute exercise but i feel they have helped my hips aswell.

  13. Hip thrusts, preferably one leg at a time, are one of my favorites. Also, call me crazy, but I do stairs on one leg up about three flights and it hits my glutes pretty hard. One leg box jumps work also.


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