1. Abs

    Hat the best ab workout to get better middle and lower ab workouts. I only have 2 abs on top and want to get more.

  2. Get leaner?!

  3. I'd agree that shedding some BF would help. Try some hanging leg/knee raises and lying leg raises. They might help.

  4. I weight 150 and I'm 6 foot. I can't really lose any more body fat but I just don't have lower ab definition.

  5. Add some weight to whatever ab exercises you're currently doing. Definition of the rectus abs has a lot to do with lower BF, and I guarantee you can shed some more.

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    Get leaner?!

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  7. I recenly started using a medicine ball with a partner doing rotations on a decline. Another thing my mma trainer has me focus on is tightening my stomach at the relaxed part of the rep and hold it for an extra second. Doing this the past three weeks and i started to see some definition where previously i had nothing. Hope it helps.


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