pain in forearm?

  1. pain in forearm?

    feels like i have shin splints in my left forearm. not one particular side, the whole thing. like its down to the bone. anybody else ever feel this?

  2. Yep. Got it and was very frustrating. Still get it time to time. I had to do as little bicep work as possible for a few months to recover. Adding some cissus and fish oil helped too. Also, powerlifting hooks helped me out to take the tension off for bar curls.
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  3. Sounds like a girlfriend is in order here

  4. I've had the same pain, was during my last cycle. I believe that my bicep strength increased too rapidly to where my forearms could not catch up. Never had arthritis or anything but I imagine that is how it feels. As Flex said I had to take it light on biceps for about a month and a half. Even quit doing them altogether for about a week or two. Good luck, once you do get the pain under control try focusing on doing forearm workouts more frequently as I realized I was not hitting them enough on bicep day!

  5. i havnt done arms in about a week, probably take off another week to recoupe. thanks for the replies. definatly gonna work on some grip exercises

  6. I've had it in my right arm chiropractor said I had a pinched nerve in my neck think it was the radial nerve. Might be something to look into

  7. thats scary sounding for sure. i might have to shedule an appt and see whats up

  8. ill take the advice from some of the posts above...this pain is annoying when it comes to working on arms...hope something works out!

  9. I've had pain similar to the sounds of that. I was told it was a torn muscle sheath. Somewhere around the line of fashinitis.

  10. Ive had this on and off for the past year it is so damn annoying really affects my tricep and bicep exercises

  11. It really hindered my chest workout today. I had to drop the weight on all exercises to push through it. On a good note, I go to the doc friday. Hopefully I won't have to take much time off, but it will give me a chance to hit my legs pretty hard

  12. Is there anything that can help this besides rest? I am not a fan of slowing down on progress when it is good.

  13. ok so the doc said its pretty bad tendenitis. i had a couple options: tanke a month off with ice, and anti-inflammatories, or two corisone shots two weeks apart. i opted for the shots as i dont want to miss 4 f'n weeks. but man, those things really hurt. i had one in my ankle in high school and never remember it ever hurting like like.


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