leg brace/support

  1. leg brace/support

    When doing HIIT cardio, or even just running I get a pain in the front side of my shin bone. I don't think it's shin splints, but rather a stress fracture.

    The pain only occurs when I put a large deal of stress on my leg. For instance it's fine while just walking around, but if I run, or jump rope my leg begins to hurt. It hurts right on my shin bone. Just wondering what you guys think it could be, and if you know a good place to buy a brace or sleeve type support for it. Thanks

  2. Cool

    Most sporting goods stores have pretty good braces.

    But you may want to have that looked at, bro. Speaking as someone who just had an operation of BOTH knees, it could be tendonitis. Most of the times, my shins hurt more when I am suffering with the knees.
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  3. Yeah your right. Just trying to give it a little rest right now. If it doesn't get any better i'll go see a doc.

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