Can chin-ups be done with too wide a grip?

  1. Can chin-ups be done with too wide a grip?

    I feel like I'm hitting a wall with chin-ups and I'm debating my options. I'm currently using 4 sets of 12 reps with very tight form at the start of back day, and I'm looking to make it more difficult. Before anyone say's "add weight" I'd like to hear some other options.

    I've experimented with adding weight before, with decent results, but what I haven't experimented with is expanding the grip. My gym has a chin-up bar that's only about 36" wide and that's what I'm currently using. Has anyone experimented with using a grip wider than that? Say for example closer to 48" or 60"?

    I'm also interested in how it will affect back development - width, upper back/rear delt recruitment, etc...

  2. Not a wider grip but a neutral grip may be good for a change of pace. I feel it for days with just my bw and pulling to my chest. To wide a grip tends to stress my shoulder.

  3. 'Chin-Ups' are palms facing towards you so your limiting factor on grip width will tend to be the supination at your wrist and external rotation at your shoulder more than anything.

    Pull-Ups, with your palms facing away from you can be done with a very wide grip so you are advised to use different grips to add variation to which muscles you are emphasising.
    PEScience Representative

  4. agreed..if u are widing your grip on a "chin up" the only effect will be increased tension on your shoulders. If you are refferring to pull ups then yes mabye wider may be an answer or use an angled pull up bar.

  5. maybe try 4 sets of pronated, 4 sets of supinated, 4 sets of neutral.

    or after a warm up, you could try to burn out on the first set, as in do as many pronated grip pull ups as you can till failure.

    decrease your rest time.

    you could also do you pull ups at the end of your back workout, or some where else besides first.

    gurantee you do pull ups after doing everything else for back, and you wont be cranking out 4 sets of 12

  6. Thanks everyone. I'll try all of that and get back to you with some results in a couple of weeks.


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