The sledge hammer workout!

  1. The sledge hammer workout!

    I just came across this on youtube. I thought id share.

    I'll give this a try when i have a chance.
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  2. yup nice idea. you can try woodcutting technique too. it is also same like it.

  3. I like things like this. I wanna integrate them into my own regimen.
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  4. I did this this morning for 20 mins with a 60 meter shuttle run added to the circuit after the star jumps. It was awsome! Totally beats cardio at the gym. I was still sweating after my shower lol.
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  5. LOL...this guy should not be making videos. He sounds like a moron and it looks like the first time he's ever swung a sledge hammer. I do this several times a week and it's a great addition to a workout. You should really learn to plant your feet and swivel your hips like you're throwing a proper punch when you swing, though. The way he steps around back and forth ruins a lot of his power and fluidity.

    Also, depending on the size of your tire, there are some great ways to mix it up. With a tractor tire, you could flip it over between sets or do burpees with a jump up onto the tire. "Box" jumps also work, and get the heart rate way up. Plank walks with your feet on the tire are also challenging. With a smaller tire, you can pick it up and do a clean and press, or do side to side hops over it. Oh, and most mace ball or club bell moves can also be done with a sledgehammer. You can very easily come up with an entire workout with a sledgehammer and a tire.

  6. go out and cut, split, and load firewood for a couple hours about 30 times a year and you'll feel like a man.

  7. I love when workouts come out that mimic peoples everyday lives what do you think the people who cut down trees with axes and go around slamming sledgehamers around on a daily basis do for a workout?

    Either way theres so many creative ways to get a solid workout/cardio session in just gotta be creative with what you have.

  8. Maybe I'll try to do this when I go home for winter break. Would probably be too hard to do here on a college campus.
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