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    Anyone have any experience with "cheat curls"? I hear that because the weight is so heavy that when you're lowering it, it really works your biceps....
    I've tried them it didn't work too well for me :\
    I hope everybody thinks i'm crazy, because you cannot be a sane person and go through the type of pain i am willing to put myself through to be where i want to be, Once I completely win the war between my mind and body, my reign will begin. ~Me

  2. I wrote a good article a short while ago for Elitefts that might help you garner some ideas (or not).

    Guess I can't post links LOL. Google "Neophytes: A Call To Arms" and click on the top Elitefts one.

  3. Maybe you need to change arm routine Or integrate one of there for a change
    Spider curls
    Concentration curls
    Reverse curls
    One arm preacher curls
    Also form has to do a lot with bicep growth

  4. The point of these is to use a little extra upmh from your back and legs to get the weight up once your biceps are too tired to continue doing strict reps. So though you're using extra muscles to get the weight up, your still making your biceps work hard. So despite the word "cheat" it actually makes it killer for your biceps.

    I've tried these before but honestly I prefer going from a barbell curl straight to a bent over underhand row position (especially if you work biceps on back day, or even if you don't). This way, you're using back muscles to help lift the weight but your biceps will still be engaged. Try it and you'll love it.

  5. i squeeze my bis at the top of the movement. also, i dont let my arms lock into a resting position - maintaining tension on the bis has been helpful for me. probably already been said...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    And if you do this, you can move tri's to chest day, pre-exhausting your tri's only means more focus during chest work, or switch them to shoulder or leg day.
    I can vouch for your suggestion. I just switched up my workout to chest/tri's , back /bi's, and I am sore as sh**, and the pumps are great. I wish I had done it sooner. You may also try using a different excersie to start each workout. For example if you always start your chest with flat bench, try hitting incline db first.It has worked well for me anyway.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by sniper80 View Post
    Bought them online and hung them in my garage. My friend has them in his apt. U can even hang them from trees or playground equipment at parks. Most crossfit gyms have them to along with ropes to climb.
    What kind of workouts do you do with your rings? When I first got mine... dips were brutal! Can definitely tell there is a lot of core work in dips.

    PS - To whoever said rings arent very accessible... I made a pair of my own per online instructions since normal ones are so expensive. Cost me like 15 bucks

    Quote Originally Posted by thetinyguy View Post
    So far for me i'm seeing really good response in my shoulders/arms from more frequently training them in the 10-20 rep range 4-5 sets. Ironically for me my arms/shoulders need MORE volume to grow instead of "1 all out heavy set" Starting to realize that some muscles just need to be stimulated for more sets and more frequent (calves/forearms PERFECT example) to grow. It does take longer to do workouts but hey it works and that's what's important.
    Seems to be the same way for me Thetinyguy. I have been training heavy weight low reps or full body workouts for the last few years and I switched it up to a workout that has 30+ sets on some body parts but still pushing heavy weight... and while I would expect to be overtraining... my biceps have grown .25-.5 inches in the last month... (having trouble finding my old measurement but it was either 16" or 15.75" and as of 2 days ago my right arm was "16.25". ) and i've almost never been able to put size on my bi's. So its doing something right... but I expect to have to take a break or change workouts again soon

    Edit: My workout also includes power partial reps and triple dropsets on arm days

  8. I do pull ups, dips, l sit pull ups, bulgarian dips, support holds. I try to vary my sets alot. 8-10 sets of 3 or 4 reps with extra weight then the usual 3 to 4 sets of 10.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by sniper80 View Post
    chin ups and dips on gymnastic rings bro. Your arms will be small no more
    i did rack chins yday and my arms have never been more sore in my life.

  10. Rack chins are good. I like to do them in between squats.

  11. Standing curls are the way to go. Barbell curls and standing hammers. I would also have to see what you are currently lifting weight wise too.

  12. Incline DB curls work great too!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by LastResort04
    One thing on my body no matter how hard i lift that never seems to get any bigger is my biceps. I've been lifting for years and it seems like my biceps only get ripped up, never get bigger. My chest, shoulders, n back will get huge and i'll have these little strings hanging from my sleeves. Please gimme some tips... Need help
    If your wanting your arms to get bigger you need to start worrying more about your triceps rather than biceps. Biceps are made up of predominately slow twitch muscle fibers which tend to develop slower. I'm not saying to disregard the bicep muscle; I would just give more attention to your triceps.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Type O Hero
    Incline DB curls work great too!
    Incline db curls burn mine up real nice great exercise


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