Bigger Biceps

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  1. Standing curls are the way to go. Barbell curls and standing hammers. I would also have to see what you are currently lifting weight wise too.

  2. Incline DB curls work great too!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by LastResort04
    One thing on my body no matter how hard i lift that never seems to get any bigger is my biceps. I've been lifting for years and it seems like my biceps only get ripped up, never get bigger. My chest, shoulders, n back will get huge and i'll have these little strings hanging from my sleeves. Please gimme some tips... Need help
    If your wanting your arms to get bigger you need to start worrying more about your triceps rather than biceps. Biceps are made up of predominately slow twitch muscle fibers which tend to develop slower. I'm not saying to disregard the bicep muscle; I would just give more attention to your triceps.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Type O Hero
    Incline DB curls work great too!
    Incline db curls burn mine up real nice great exercise


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