Wrist wraps

  1. Wrist wraps

    So I used to play football in highschool and played a few years on a Division 2 college team. Was mainly a defensive back (safety) and also play alot of special teams. Broke both thumbs and injured my wrists quite a few times. Still have joint and ligament pain in them (base of thumb down to the wrist and in and around the wrist).

    I quit playing football (joined the military) but kept up with a good exercise/weight lifting routine since. On many heavy heavy push/press type lifts I wear wrist wraps..usually when i'm at 80% or so of my 1RM.

    A couple military docs said I might need to do some therapy and take a lot of time off to fully heal them, with the possibility of surgery.

    What's your guy's perception of guys that wear wrist wraps? Just looking for the honest answer, you aren't going to hurt my feelings, haha. I had this smartazz come up to me in the gym and ask me if I wore them while I jerk off too, lol. This was one of those type of guys that wears about $500 worth of expensive name brand gym clothing/accessories that you usually see doing tricep rope extensions in the mirror and 75lb lat pulldowns with straps.

    Anyways..not really a serious thing but maybe I need to work on my forearm and grip strength more. Its just that wearing the wraps makes it much more enjoyable and seems to ease the pain.

  2. I've never used them, nor had the desire to use them. Then again, I've never broke my wrists or thumbs either. Everyone is different in their approach to lifting and I have no problem with that. I don't even think bad of folks that wear gloves.
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  3. I use them on my heavy pushing sets. I've had wrist issues for a few years and incorporated 60cm wraps into my arsenal last year.
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  4. I always used them on heavy bench press and heavy shoulder barbell press.

  5. Right on, glad to see i'm not the only one that uses them on heavy presses.

  6. I have weak ass wrists so I use straps on heavy pushing movements.

    I'll even use straps on JM presses or other tricep movements

  7. Wraps are a great idea imo. What exactly do straps do when performing pushing movements? I use wraps for max effort pressing, but also incorporate lighter lifting without wraps.

  8. I broke my right thumb twice when I was younger and have sprained both wrists countless times while skating. Last year my bench press shot up rather quickly and my wrist was ****in destroyed. It was so bad that sometimes it hurt to reach for the damn door knob. Went to the doc a few times and they finally gave me a cortisone shot. I listened to what he said(something I didn't do much in the past) and took it easy for a little while. It was like magic, my wrist felt brand new. I then moved and wasn't able to lift for almost two months, came back and jumped right into heavy weight like an idiot and the wrist starting hurting again. I never even considered wearing wrist straps until recently and they have been helping a lot.

    You can be huge and strong as **** but if you have weak joints there's not much you can do about it. Pros like Johnnie Jackson wear 'em and I'm sure nobody gives him **** about it. I think he's considered the strongest bodybuilder right now.

  9. Thanks guys. Yea, after several wrist/finger in juries the wraps help me quite a bit and make exercising overall much more enjoyable. I guess i'm in the ass joint category for now.

  10. Wraps are a great investment. When u think about it, its almost foolish not to do it. Once u get up to pressing 300-400lbs thats a ton of pressure and not a natural position for for your wrists. Also a great idea for anyone who has lingering injuries.

    If ur looking for brands, my Inzers lasted me all through college. Top notch
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  11. My thoughts on it is that if I need to wrap it to lift it, I shouldn't be lifting it lol. That and the fact that they just bother me, but hey I'm the guy that does heavy squats without a belt too.
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  12. I wear em on heavy press day zack khan Johnny Jackson brench wears..it's about bing safe hell you don't box without a mouth guard


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