Cardio Time?

  1. Cardio Time?

    I am starting a cutting phase. I started last week with a diet change. I still lift really hard, powerlifting style. I need to increase cardio and need to know when is the best time to do it. A friend told me to do it right after I get done lifting. Any advice will help. Thanks.

  2. I suggest doing it separate from lifting if you can. I'd also suggest doing some HIIT cardio. Sled drags, hills, parachute sprints, and prowler/care pushes are good conditioning that wont tax your CNS too heavily.


  3. Definately seperate. I think the best time to do cardio for fat loss is right when you wake up. I usually slam some xtend and then go do sprint intervals.

  4. The best time to do it would be whatever the most convenient time for you is, as long as you do it.
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  5. interval training is a quick way to burn fat stores because of changes of systems. when exercising at a steady state mosty fat oxidative system is used. while doing interval a shift from fat oxidative to ATP-PC (phospo creatine) or fast glycolitic which last up to 90 sec. this is an anerobic function but for about 10 seconds this system will kick in in order to change to the increased intensity and lack of nutrients delivered to the skeletal muscles. HR will increase a mixture of fats and carbs will be used for fuel utilization.



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