rotator cuff work & bench increase

  1. rotator cuff work & bench increase

    I've just recently started a regimen of cable external and internal rotations to help strengthen the rotator cuff. Im doing this for injury prevention but am curious....Has anyone noticed any strength increases on bench from doing rotator cuff work?

  2. Not so much an increase in strength, but fewer injuries. Pre-hab isn't going to really lead to strength increases, but it is 100% necessary to do to stay healthy.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. I don't advise doing the internal rotations. Most weight lifters and bodybuilders internal rotation strength over powers the external strength.

    Stick to external rotators and lower trap work.


  4. Thanks for the input Rodja and Zir RED. I was actually thinking about the internal rotations being overkill. Thank you for shedding your thoughts on that

  5. i strongly agree...huge mistake among athletes with overhead movements such as baseball pitchers. whos angular velocity is between 3000-6000 degrees per sec. they seem to overwork internal rotation at the gym i go to. they need to maximize the antagonist muscles that are the opposite motion (external). the internal aspect is already repatitivle used. This will strengthen the brake effect of a throwing motion that will prevent injury or in you caseany overhead movemnts.



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