Bulk or cut first?

  1. Bulk or cut first?

    Ok I'm a wrestler, I weigh 155 curently at 13% BF. I most likely want to stay in the 152 weight class, maybe 145. I bench press 275, Squat 325, and Deadlift 225x6. I've been training for about 4 years. So heres my question. Do I cut right now and get to around 6-8% BF then bulk, or bulk and get up to around 160+lbs and loose BF until I'm back down to 152? I was thinkin of running a simple PH stack, then cuttin after PCT w/ clen. Wrestling season starts late novemeber. Whats yall advice?

  2. Do a clean bulk, maintain to allow your body to adjust to the new weight, & then cut.
    If you bulk then cut immediately following PCT, your going to lose too much mass - yoyo.

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