harry selkows pull up method pt 3

  1. harry selkows pull up method pt 3

    I have been using harry selkows pullups method in my 5/3/1 and had great results going from only being able to do 3 pullups to now doing 10x6 but unfortunately at the end of part one he says to continue it with part 3 by using weights. But I can't find the third part anywhere. Does anyone know how pt 3 works?

  2. I dont think the article was ever made. I would just start back over in part one at 20 total reps for like 10 sets with weight added and then keep repeating the process.

  3. That sounds like my best bet

  4. Or just add weight half thru ur reps. I do about 50 total reps, 20 bw as a warm-up and 30 with weight in between my pressing sets

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