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    Hi all
    i have been working out 6days a week from past 1year and my height is 5.10 and my weight is 85 kg and i am 21 yrs old.
    i have not used a single supplement .So i want u guys to tell me which supplements i should take but i wan to use Natural products not anabolic ones and one more thing i want to ask does there are any side effects of amino tablets ? ( i am waiting for your answers thanks in advance)

    Take care of your self all

  2. Whey,creatine,multi,fish oil
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  3. Whey,creatine,multi,fish oil
    Def +++. And dnt forget lots of FOOD. and SUPPLEMENT this stuff^^^

  4. I suggest you use my proprietary blend of: bull semen, seagull feces, and earth worm extract.


  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ The above post was simply to prove a point: How can you take our word for anything?

    Do some research on your own!! Learn what you are putting into your body, what it does, where it comes from, etc. etc. Figure out what you want from the supplement - do you have a nutrient deficiency, performance, body composition, etc. Look at other user's feed back on this forum.

    Put together a list of supplements you are interested and post them in the supplement section, and then see what people have to say.




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