How to gain Speed?

  1. How to gain Speed?

    Ok i've spent the bulk of my training in the past couple months focusing on long distance running coupled with oxygen utilization for increased stamina and endurance and its payed of great ive dropped my mile time around 6:30 which is good for me since it used to be above 8:00 but ive found that i lack speed, i have decently strong legs my max squat is 355 and pretty good flexibility but am lacking speed.

    I know theres a correlation between fast and slow twitch muscle fibers that tie into each but is the key to gaining speed as simple as just doing and working on sprints, or are there other secrets.

    My 60 yard dash time ranges in the area of 7.8-7.95 which is horrendous and does not match my ability to do long distance running. I've read and heard theres a lot of aspects in good sprinters starting from form, breathing, stride length, and overall strength but what are some tips and or tricks to gain some running speed.

  2. Speed =/= Distance.

    I am a short distance sprinter, hence am stockier and faster over shorter distances than a much thinner and agile person, who typically you'd expect to excel at long distance.

    To some extent I believe you can train up by doing HIIT based exercises (changing the types of exercise regularly so no complacency is adopted in the body), but you ultimately will come to a barrier which will be your body genetic makeup.

    I am not qualified in sports science or personal trainer, but I do have significant hands on experience with cardio and sprinting!

    You must also remember that sprinters will tire quicker as they expend their energy in one 10-15sec blast; long-distance conserve their energy and will take longer to fatigue naturally.

    Regarding technique, the balls of your feet are where the action is to be focused on, and I find imagining that you are wanting to get your feet back on the ground to get more friction and movement as fast as possible after completing a sprint-stride works good for focusing the mind and body.

    Remember, you do not accelerate by the amount of time you feet are not in contact with the track/ground, so maximise contact and power to drive forward.

  3. concentrate on short bursts.(15-25yrds) Also, watch some videos of Usain Bolt, his upper body is almost still when he is sprinting.

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