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sounds like what I woulda sent.

Any one ever try putting elbows forward on the push up? It helped me keep a more natural positioning straighting my back and holding a high head poping the chest slightly out.
i try pushing my elbows way forward and actually tucking my chin straight back instead of looking up and it did wonders for my upper back tightness and keeping more upright out of the hole. i used to squat just like the OP with a narrow stance and a high bar and i looked just like that too. hips came up to quick and pushing them elbows forward helped a lot.

i also did some seated good mornings where i would round the upper back for part of the ROM and go halfway down with the hips. i threw in some deficit snatch grip deads and plenty of heavy ab work as well and i feel it has helped.

and a lot of what others have said is wonderful as well. my question now is are you going for max numbers on a squat? as i would move towards a more powerlifting style, low bar and wide stance. or are you just squatting cause you like it? i still prefer to squat narrow stance but i know that is just cause i used to train a lot of olympic lifts and i would have stuck with it but for the fact i am trying my first powerlifting meet.

just keep in mind if you do switch to a wide stance low bar squat it will be like training a whole new lift. it is way different. i know my hips hated me for weeks. i had to build them up. and i did a crap ton of box squats to get used to the wide stance.