1. cardio

    I am looking for a cardio program I can do.
    Let me tell you a little about myself.
    6'2" and 221#, 54 yo
    I am out of shape cardio wise due to c car wreck about 3 years ago. A broken foot which didn't heal right, a fractured disc in my lower back.
    As a result my balence is screwed up. I tried cardio classes at a fitness gym but sweat so much that the instructor thinks something is wrong with me.
    My lipids are good, BP stays around 124/66, resting HR is 61
    What can I do?

  2. I'd start with an elliptical if you have one/gym for awhile to get your endurance started start light 20min in morning if you want.
    Or use a cycle or ride a bike both are low impact(easy on joints)cardio in morning i like best for a energy jump start for the day.

  3. TY great advice

  4. Hey DW glad your trying again. Something that will work and is easy to use. Look up the body for life cardio program. It is 20 minutes 3 to 4 times a week. Heres a snap shot of it; start out at a medium pace, what ever that is for YOU, then every minute increase for 5 minutes, the increase is speed or effort, what ever you can do, then after the last increase, drop it back to starting point and do it again. Your heart rate will increase as the effort does and this up and down will help burn good fat and help with endurance.

  5. I like swimming and I often recommend that, also post a link to your log in your sig if you can
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  6. The other day I walked briskly around a 1/10 mile track and each lap up and down 2 flights of stairs - 10 laps.
    I will try the body for life cardio program

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  8. Second the motion for swimming. Obviously a difficult task to accomplish if you dont have a pool/lake/etc.

    I had to stop playing football and all other contact sports when I broke my leg and twisted my knee cap. Now I have scar tissue in the ligament and my foot doesn't point quite straight. I also can't stand still for an extended period of time due to the additional pressure of having one leg longer than the other. So I started swimming. No pressure on the body, amazing cardio, full body workout, great for shedding wet weight, and develops a sense of grace in motion. Even when I was a frequent smoker I could still swim 50m without surfacing for air.
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