Help me out im needing some upper back thickness

  1. Help me out im needing some upper back thickness

    Im looking for some help getting some upper back thickness, i have the width kickin but i need to make the rhomboids come out. any suggestions....

    some have said deadlifts are the way to go.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by good_guye28
    some have said deadlifts are the way to go.
    Definitely. Also shruggs.Another useful technique is to do shruggs and lateral raises prone on an incline bench. Lastly,if high elbow rows don't make your romboids pop, nothing will.

  3. Do everything on backday with a close grip..

    I do T-Bar rows this way, also seated cable rows..

  4. deadlifts are a great way to build your back thickness and overall strength. At least they wroked well for me...

  5. barbell rows work well too.

  6. bent over laterals (with arms bent) will hit your rhomboids well. don't be to concerned with weight with these, just get your elbows as far back as you can.
    they sit in under your traps so hit'em hard first.

    shrugs (with a grip that's just outside shoulder width) & medium grip upright rows also do a good job on the top & middle traps which help dramatically in upper back thickness.
    mine respond well when i pull explosively & hold for a second at the top. do these heavy though.

    i also found pullovers or straight arm pulldowns (shoulder width) help build the teres muscles on the upper, outer part of the back. they look pretty impressive when fully developed.


  7. Heavy deads have added the most thickness to my back. I used 4-8 reps, 3 sets


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