Good for a laugh... deadlifting and using straps - how NOT to do it.

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    So I manned up and used a hook grip today for my RDLs. I found that if I really focused on digging my palm into the bar before gripping, my thumb didn't hurt nearly so much. It's definitely a stronger grip than standard overhand, but I still feel like my technique is less than perfect with it. Just need practice.
    Same here. I try to get my middle finger around my thumb as much as possible, then my index finger.

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    I had a trainer (bodybuilder) show me a neat trick with straps, that helps alot especially with things like pull ups. Not sure how to explain it coherently to where it`ll make sense haha but u Sew the the strap part so that the "wrap" part is sewed to the part that it slips through, at a certain length. Then cut the rest of the strap off. If done at the correct length it allows you to not ave to care about the excess strap and u can just kinda curl the little bit u have around the bar for better grip and can let go when ever u want.

    Also I agree, i do a combination of both. I use straps with my later sets, but honestly its more because my hands get slippery from sweat and the gym im at doesn't allow chalk...which blows.
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  3. Liquid chalk ripped a callous off every time I used it.

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    Liquid chalk ripped a callous off every time I used it.
    Ouch! That's the worst. Gotta pumice those things down so that doesn't happen.
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