Evening Or Morning ?

  1. Evening Or Morning ?

    A simple but a very important question.
    What is the best time to do exercises in the morning or evening.
    I ma asking cause i have to go to office from 9 to 5 and needs suggestion on it.
    I am currently doing it in the evening.

  2. Its all personal preference and what works for you. I lift after work, never in the morning, but im not a morning person and like to have food before i workout. Some of my friends prefer the other way.

    ive also found doing bodyweight workouts at lunch (lunches ppushups dips chins and sprints) are an effective workout too.

  3. i find there are several answers to that. here are my fav 2 ways:

    1)only the worlds elite need to worry about something like that. i think it was the russians, surprise!, that showed 2 times of the day that test levels are highest, 10-12 and 3-5. that is if one sleeps regularly from 11pm to 7am. i could be wrong on the exact numbers but that is the gist and hopefully you get this point

    2)which ever you will do consistently. as that will give you better results then the time of day.

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