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  1. glad to hear your ok, you must have had a serious guardian angel

  2. Glad youre doing better bro! I agree with EBSNW1, looks like a guardian angel might have been at work

  3. Glad your OK, I work at a trauma center, your lucky

  4. U sound like a beast thats great glad to hear your doing better

  5. Yeah someone was helping. Let's hope they can help me back ti my reg weight again. O:-)
    In this economy... Your two cents aint worth ****!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by SilverBullet7 View Post
    Friend riding next to me. Bitch got us both...
    That is crazy, I am glad you are back on track or getting there.

  7. Horrific, glad to hear you are both okay.

    Dragonrider, damn thats a devil woman, some people are just not right, what was the courts verdict, she'd have to pay for hospital bills and a new bike, but other than that? I study law here in Denmark and here her mandatory vehicle insurance would have covered everything, she'd lose her license for a year or two and get a suspended sentence for something like 6 months, depending on the severity of her action.


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