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    alright so this ones gonna be a little hard to explain but hear me out. been bodybuilding for about 3 years and put on some real good mass. genetically gifted with very wide shoulders and a big chest. my chest has always been shaped very nicely inner/outer/upper/lower. i have been using a full body workout for the past couple months with just using push exercises for chest (bench press, incline press, decline press) i noticed this workout has been great and it really added pounds to my body. i recently decided to switch it up and go to a split routine giving chest its own day. decided to do bench press, incline db press, cable crossovers and pullovers. now usually when i do a split routine my chest looks enourmous (not too sound ****y). but this time my chest looks like it actually shrunk. my inner chest is not shaped how it used to be and does not fill out. i tried switching back to a full body workout but my inner chest remained shrunken. i am wondering what the cause of this would be. as soon as i switched to split routine i began taking prozac for accutane induced depression. do you think prozac could have caused these effects (muscle loss, change in muscle fibers?) if anyone has any idea of what went on i would appreciate it. i really wanna go see a doctor but i figure he would have nothing to say about it.

  2. Others will chime in.
    I do think the prozac has something to do with it, but do not aruptly stop taking it.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by dirtwarrior View Post
    Others will chime in.
    I do think the prozac has something to do with it, but do not aruptly stop taking it.
    what do you think the prozac did? i know it lowers test but do you think it would have made that big of a difference with my chest.

  4. i dont think its the prozac other wise there would be thousands of users throughout the world suffering from muscle loss .have you read the leaflet that came with the drug or searched "side effects of prozac" If muscle wastage can be a side effect , then you have your answer, if not you may be working your chest too hard.

  5. Wasn't this addressed in another thread?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ZiR RED View Post
    Wasn't this addressed in another thread?

    OP: Also, if for some advent reason prozac could be linked to neuromuscular remodeling, then it would be systemic.


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