an option on my path to stregth gains

  1. an option on my path to stregth gains

    I recently have become very interested in gymnastics ring training. I've realized that all gymnast are jacked and strong as hell and was wondering if I could incorporate this into my 5/3/1 routine. Wendler encourages u to vary your grips to become stronger and seing as how I do hary selkows pull up method on my bench day (which has been great for my strength). I was planning on buying rings and using them for gymnast style pullups and atleast a couple set of ring dips. Thoughts?

  2. Oh and also for use on my abdominal days to help build my core ab strength

  3. Any advice?

  4. I'm not nearly as knowledable as some of the other guys and gals around here but my two cents is that it would help your training if you supplement them with your other training. Pull ups on rings and especially a muscle up are much harder than they look and in my belief anything that will work your muscle in a different way will benefit you as long as you don't overdo it. So I think the key here is to just work it into your other training, since I'm assuming you're working on strength since you're doing 5/3/1, focus on your wendler and work on some on the gymnastics and some extra work. Work on being able to perform a muscle up or a handstand push up the rings both good gymnastic shows of strength.

  5. This is approaching the CrossFit style of training. If you have any locations around you that offer a crossfit class or instructional course...I'd highly recommend it. The amount of "form" and explosion power you need to develope can be done with proper instruction by a crossfit professional. The way they go about training is really down and dirty, hard and fast. Rings and gymnastic moves are purely functional...and a bit of what you do with free weights will* carry over to this...but not a lot. You're going to have to learn how to minipulate your body and use all the major muscle groups functionally to do gymnastics. If all else youtube videos on the progressions to ring exercises. You also might want to start doing olympic lifts to help develope functionality.

  6. I remember seeing ring push ups in a Westside video, start with your feet on the floor and progressively elevate your feet as you get more advanced. Great strength and fitness builder.

  7. I'm not really interested in crossfit I've met people who have the bodies that crossfit has to offer and they aren't what I'm looking for. I love 5/3/1 so I just wanted gymnastics for assistance

  8. Ha. I could see this drastically improving someones core strength. Why not lol

  9. I already started learning the support position in gymnastics ring training. But does anyone know any beginners routine or way of training for a person looking to get better at rings?


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