high frequency training

  1. high frequency training

    i have been noticing something the more i read about powerlifting that i have seen with olympic lifting, crossfit, and even running/cycling/etc type training. it seems that a higher frequency in training produces stronger athletes.

    the texas method i am currently doing really makes me see a similarity with the endurance type of training i used to do with the training i am now doing for powerlifting. i have a high volume day, with a moderate volume/low intensity day and then a high intensity/low volume day. just like what i would do with a 3 day a week runner. i then looked back at what i would do for my triathlon training. and it was very close to the westside method. i would even follow a 3 week wave with a deload week.

    has anyone else seen this? or am i just stretching here and trying to find something that is not there.

  2. Nope, I highly agree. You get (generally) the best results with higher frequency training as long as you are conditioned to perform and smart enough to program correctly to recover from such training.

    You'll notice the same thing in professional and collegiate weight rooms, as well as in many power lifting programs, such as west side. The trick is to alter metabolic and neural workout such that you are never performing two of the same in a row. You could even do something like:

    mon: intense neural
    tue: low metabolic
    wed: mod neural
    thur: intense metabolic
    fri: low neural


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