is this normal for 531?

  1. is this normal for 531?

    Lately I've been feeling a lot less energy for my assistance work whereas before I was super energized and driven. I have recently cut carbs so idk if this is the source of the feeling. And I stopped taking my preworkout bullnox because of my recent start with bronkaid ephedrine+caffeine. Any advice?

  2. You already answered your own question. It's from the reduced carbs.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Can it be fixed by taking in carbs closer to my workout? Or do the carbs just have to increase period? I ask because I was previously eating around 500 on workout days and now I'm at around 200 and I know I wasn't burning the full 500 and thus turning into a fat ass

  4. If I'm not mistaken, it takes about 24 hours for glycogen stores (in muscles) to be replenished fully. So, having energy in the form of glucose readily available in your muscles by eating carbs shortly before a might not be the case. Maybe try to balance your carb intake?

  5. i'm neither carb nor calorie restricted and once done with the main sets i barely have anything left for assistance...if you really do rep out the last set you shouldnt be fresh or energetic.

  6. I do as prescribed and stop with 2 left in the tank. I guess because of the weight increase I'm being drained by the main lifts. Also I push my assistance work like crazy on all my workout days

  7. You have already anwsered your own questions. Cut carbs by over half and eating 500? Yea thatll do it. maybe reduce overtime next time.


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