Bench Rep Test

  1. Bench Rep Test

    I have a rep test of 225 that I will be doing late aug. I usually do flat bench monday and incline DB..then thursday Flat DB and Incline bar. Would it help if i just did 225 as many times as i could say for 3 sets monday and thursday and not do the incline bar and the flat bar but still do the DB bench?? Any idea's? Thanks.

  2. I would just stick to that excercise and forget everything else man. Do the 225 for as many reps while trying to increase them each week. That's what you're getting tested on, so you should just work on IT......

    With that amount of volume that you said you're doing, I'd be overtrained severely. But if you can handle it, I would do the BB 225 on one day, and then do some heavy work with just the DB's on the next...

    What are you getting the testing done for?

  3. It is a combine test for football. I got it 31 times yesterday but im gonna use some m5aa for 2-3 weeks and see what i can get. Anything over 35 is what im shooting for.

  4. That's descent man...good luck with it...

  5. 31?!?!? good lord man... i cant imagine repping out something like that

  6. NFL record is 42 man i wanted to get 40 but i dont think any ammount of 5aa is gonna do that haha.


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