Getting low when deadlifting

  1. Getting low when deadlifting

    Hey guys, I been having a problem for a while now of consistently getting low enough to a seated position when deadlifting. I usually can get low enough on my first or second rep but have a hard problem getting back into a low enough crouch after my first or second rep. I thought maybe I was not stretching enough so I started using a foam roller but that has not helped too much. Has anybody else had experience with this or can maybe offer some insight on how to fix it? Something to do with hip mobility perhaps? Thanks in advance.

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    Can you describe what exactly it is that's keeping you from getting lower? What does it feel like?
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  3. Traditional, moderate, or sumo stance?
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  4. beast, there is like tight pressure on my knees as well as my hamstrings when i attempt to fully crouch down, which increases as i get lower

    rodja, traditional with knees shoulder width apart

  5. Without video, it's really hard to say why you're having this problem.
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  6. after your rep it, regrip and reset and pull again like you did the first rep.
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