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    Not sure where to post this but here looked like the right place.
    In my 20s I worked out like a mad man in the gym and made great results. I am in my 50s now and my motivation is down as well as energy. Is there a preworkout tab or drink that will push me to the level I need?

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    Any pre-workout will pretty much do the same thing...load you with caffeine and nitric oxide precursors. Nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels making the surface area larger in the arteries/veins for nutrient uptake by the muscles or associated tissues. Cellucor makes a pretty good product called C4 and N0 Extreme. Otherwise, I always recommend the el-natural approach of doing it on your own steam. Testosterone levels peak in your early 20's then gradually go down in later years. You could take a natural testosterone booster to give you an extra boost. Go to a supplement store and ask about it (stay away from Complete Nutrition stores, they will rape your wallet). Again, this will not be the answer to your problems in the gym. It may help you on your journey, but it all comes down to mental focus and the desire for health.

    Bottom line, for the first 3 weeks of working out again for's going to suck. It takes three weeks to develop a new habit. Just focus on why you're doing it, and never...ever give up.

  3. Thank you for your reply. It was sincere and helpful

  4. OMG
    I took trenazone (TD)
    Titanium Muscle Gain (oral)
    Halotest (oral)
    All from Amazon dot com
    this morning. I had my usual breakfast 12 oz yogurt along with 6 oz p-nut butter.
    I was still tired cause it was 4 am so I took a little nap. When I woke I worked out in my home gym
    My stregnth shot way up
    incline flies 130 to over 180
    incline press to over 225
    maxed out my powerblock dumbels (only 45 apiece)
    man oh man

    Just wondering if this is a good stack

  5. How long are you planning to run this and what does your pct look like?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by pablogdog View Post
    How long are you planning to run this and what does your pct look like?
    How long I do not know
    I will try to get pics.
    Nothing special just an old guy wanting to get strong

  7. does this work for image

  8. I've been where you are a few times over the years and my advice to you is to just continue the plan minus the supplements for a while. It's obvious that you already have the motivation your seeking in your mind and you need to focus on that. You just wrote that you don't know what your doing so take some time to fully research what you're intending to do. I also see no mention of a pct in the plan you've laid out and I can tell you that you will for certain lose most if not all of any gains that you make using the compounds you've listed leaving you worse off than before you started. Make some short and long term goals, look into proper nutrition, and research research research. It took you a while to get to the point where you're unhappy with your condition, health, whatever, and it's going to take a while to get where you want to be. So let planning be part of your motivation process. I don't post around here much, but I've seen you on a few other forums and certainly want you to achieve your goals. So make them and good luck to you sir.

  9. Like the others said, most all pre-workout drinks would be good to give you that boost of energy. Some are stronger than others. Jacked and Noxipro are both fairly mild ones if you start with 1 scoop.

  10. Which are the stronger ones for energy?

  11. Animal: Rage is a pretty big boost. It has lots of citrulline malate (nitric oxide precursor) and 300mg of caffeine. Superpump is right around 200mg caffeine if memory serves. I personally like N-Zero Extreme by Cellucore. It has a ton of l-arginine and I start tingling very nicely.

  12. I will look into that.
    TY for the info

  13. Have you had your T levels tested?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by seccsi View Post
    Have you had your T levels tested?
    I am self medicating for low t

  15. I got a few samples of K-Otic last week. As far as energy goes, I was literally bouncing around after about 20-30 minutes. I couldn't sit still and felt like i had no choice but to work out. But, it made me nautious and dehydrated me because I was urinating faster than I could drink water. I've seen people use it before without those side effects but K-Otic didn't work with me. Might be somethin for you to look at tho. They give free samples on their website.

  16. I dont know if you realise it or not, but halo test is a prohormone and cannot be taken indefinatly. I say this as i get the feeling you want to up your natural test levels. If you plan to take this you should research it first (if you havn't already) and plan Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) as it will shutdown your test levels.

  17. Motivation is the best one tool to achieve any goal in life and have the better one impact on life also...
    In this way you should perform in better one way.....

  18. Pre-workouts are good, my advice to you would be to not get to the point where you feel like you have to have one before or youll have a cruddy workout or something. Basically dont get dependent


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