Have to run with a pulled quad...please help!!!

  1. Have to run with a pulled quad...please help!!!

    I just got the call from the Sheriff's Department today and I have to do the 300M run and 1.5 mile run on MONDAY!! I just pulled my friggin quad last week, what the hell should I do? I have no choice but to do the run, but is there any way to minimize the pain while doing it? I was thinking of taking 4 advils before the run, would that help?? Any help would be greatly appreciated, i'm in trouble here

  2. Hmmm?? what about a anti imflamitory med....???? might help and just rest it till then, and when i say rest it I mean walk it, stretch it out, ice and heat on that thing...worst thing is to pull it and not do anything till monday, than run it and hurt it worse...........GOOD LUCK

  3. Wrap that thing.. I would contact a local trainer if I knew one that could wrap it correctly enough that I might be able to do it.. You are going to be one hurtin sob at the end of this run..

  4. Can we get a more detailed explanation then "pulled quad". How it happened, range of motion, extent etc. Did you tear part of your quadricep and if so which part? Is it strained, bruised or hyperextended. come on, lets get more then I pulled a quad.
    regardless alternating heat and ice, ending with ice. Get some anti-inflam med. and your best bet would be to walk/jog laps in a pool to keep mobility up without stressing it to much. Cap or tiger balm etc might not be a bad bet. It all depends on how important this is and how much it bothers you beforehand.

  5. Hell if its real important, get some strong painkiller of your choice and if it has a sedative effect, add EC. But thats the extreme and if you dont know your body it might reject it. ANd im not going to give painkiller recs. over a message board like this.



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