preacher curls and wrist/forearm pain?

  1. preacher curls and wrist/forearm pain?

    Whenever I try to do preacher curls, it seems like whenever I try to push it, I develope some sort of weird pain in my forearm/wrist. I'm using the EZ curl bar, and have triest the inner grips that have a slight V cant to them, as well as the outer grips that have a steeper V slant to them. I've tried elbows further in, further out... with any combination, when I start to do 70lbs, I start getting some weird pain in the wrist or forearm areas. In order to aleviate the pain, I have to adjust my elbow position by sliding them a bit outwards as I progress up in the movement. at 65lbs, I sometimes get some pains, but any lower, I'm fine. I've checked my form and had my friend take a look, but it seems like my form is the same between painless and painful weights.

    This is just odd and aggravating since I would like to try heavier weights, but I'm being held back by pain.

    Any tips or alternate exercises I should try? I never liked preacher curls anyways.

  2. I used to get that, too. It just disappeared with time, without me altering anything. Wonder why it did come up with those, though. You're talking about seated curls,right?

  3. I have the same problem. So, I switched to standing cable ez-curls, and no more pain (but if I go back to seated preacher curls, bam...pain again)! Seriously! I'm sure it's a little different than a seated preacher curl, but it definitely works the biceps, and when you're done with those, you can attach the V-Bar to work some half-ass hammer curls. I love the cable exercises (with good form, obviously) because they all work the abs VERY well at the same time, since the abs are required to keep you upright.

  4. do not go all the way down, come all the way up and on the negative, go down until you feel slight pain

  5. Those pains are common, i used to get them for months at a time, especially as you get stronger and are lifting heavier, it went away with time on its own, make sure your getting all your proper joint & bone health supplements in order, alsways helps, vitamin D, Calcium, potasium, fish oil, ect. It helped me tons with my aches and pains lol.

  6. Hmmm shows the preacher curl as working the brachialis more than the biceps. No idea, anyways, I think I might just substitute it for standing curls. I'm supersetting with french presses, so useing a cable will be a pain to change around. :-)

    thanks for the input guys.


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