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    Well since January I have only been lifting and said screw cardio. I also did two cycles of epistane during that time. I put on a total of 21 lbs and have kept it. Finally I hurt my back which I knew would happen. So I now I have one more week off for recovery on my back. The new series will start off with HIIT for 1 month 5 times a week followed by 1 month of lifting 5 times a week. I will alternate like this for the rest of the year. I figure this way I can reduce my % body fat and try to retain as much muscle as possible. I have a really crazy work schedule so I actually don't have the time and energy to fit a workout schedule that includes both cardio and lifting in the same day to an intensity level that I am happy with. I will follow up on this post with greater detail as I design and begin this series. I will describe my HIIT and lifting routines in greater detail. I will also list some measurements in which to judge my progress. I hope to see some of you follow along.

  2. If you knew you were going to hurt your back why did you continue down that route?

    And why can't you design a program the encorporates both HIIT and resitance into the same microcycle? I think you'll see better results from concurrent conditioning and resistance training vs. only one at a time. You can always design the program to emphasize conditioning for 2-4 weeks while maintaining resistance and then vice versa.

    Just some thoughts


  3. I continue down the road to back pain because I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. If I workout intensely on a routine basis my back is going to go out but it happens less than if I worked out less intense or not at all. I have tried everything but you can't beat the disease. My discs are deteriorating and there's nothing I can do about it. As far as incorporating both types into a single routine I agree with you that it's better than singling them out. Between my job (on-call 24/7) and trying to be the best dad I can be (3 kids) and trying to workout to an intensity that satisfies me singling the cardio vs lifting is the best option for me.

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