relaxation and post work out muscle growth

  1. relaxation and post work out muscle growth

    Hello, I am a masters student studying clinical psychology and research application and have become interested in performance enhancement and sports psychology. It has come to my attention that post workout relaxation techniques or methods may enhance muscle growth. This observation is not empirically verified however I have noticed it within my own self.

    Methods of post relaxation can include meditation, diaphramatic deep breathing, tai chi and even supplemental relaxation aids. I am curious if anyone else has experimented with relaxation techniques and what works well for you and if you think your body has responded positively in comparison to a normal seemingly relaxation

  2. Hmm...interesting theory.

    I would think from a physiological standpoint that the reduction in sympathetic drive and increase in vagal tone from deep breathing or anxiolytic aminos may help to hasten the reduction in plasma cortisol post workout and perhaps decrease muscular tone.

    I've always looked at relaxation techniques as performance enhancer prior to competition, such as visualization and relaxation with biofeedback (did a review of lit on this for my grad sports pysch class)


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