Help!! A calf pull or tear ????

  1. Help!! A calf pull or tear ????

    I was going up some stairs and it felt like someone touched my calf with a torch!! Then it swelled up twice it's size and there is a large knot in the middle. After three days there is light bruising. I'm walking with a limp at this point.

    Do you think it's a pull or did I tear it???

  2. If it's twice the size, I'd say you tore it. A pull wouldn't cause swelling that bad. You better get to a doc to check it out.

  3. i've done something like that to both of mine. (not at the same time) weird thing is i just worked them out and the next day they weren't even sore.. then the 2nd day the were really swollen.. took about a week till i could walk semi normal.. had to walk on my toes.. couldn't straighten out my leg and go flatfooted ... there was no knot or bruising so i'm not sure what it was. i'd say if it's not feelin any better tomorrow to see a doc

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