Outer tricep head........... i need some help

  1. Outer tricep head........... i need some help

    Hey guys I am trying to find out what exercise works the outer tri head directly.......

    Help a bro out.........

  2. I like tricep pressdowns using a rope to supine the wrist at end of the movement..

    Heavy french press dumbell...

  3. not really answering your question directly..

    all i do for tri's are bench and close grip bench press.

    i consider my tri's my best bodypart.

    CG bench hits all heads of triceps

  4. For barbell french presses, I found the outer grip emphasizes the triceps short head.

  5. the best way to stimulate the outer tri? i've found the following movments to work the best. close grip bench press but remember to keep your elbows at your sides don't let your shoulder roll and elbow come out through out the movement. lying skull crushers with a camberd bar are awsome make a 45 degree angle with your upperarm and torso and keep this degree throught the movment at full contraction you should have the bar directly above your forhead this movement stimulates the hole triceps musclebut you'll really feel it in the outer head in the last 1/4 of the movement. dumbell kickback find the right wrist possition and you'll be happy and of course push downs the way madman described work well to i find the to be a good finishing movement but remember to keep your back straight as a bord and elbows like hinges tight against the body. good luck man hope this helps you.

  6. Sorry off topic- Morfiend--whats up with the Hitler avatar?

  7. ha, nothin. just thought it was silly. not trying to be offensive.


  8. Try this, bro. Do dips with your hands facing palms out, thumbs pointing at you. So instead of doing regular dips you rotate your hands inward toward you. It seems a little awkward, but once you do a rep you can find the groove pretty quick. I do them and it definitely hits the outer tricep nice.


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