Inner/outer chest?

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  1. When I bench close grip for inner pecs and tris, .wide grip for wide outer part of chest

  2. Isn't a wide/narrow grip only manipulating triceps-vs.-pectoralis major recruitment? Seeing as the fibers run on a longitudinal axis (correct me if this is the wrong axis, trying to remember)...proximal/distal portions cannot be isolated, correct?

  3. Exactly rex. I discussed a little earlier how the fiber attachment site may play some role in the feeling of DOMS in inner vs. outers.

    Vary grips from shoulder width to 2x acromium span changes the recruitment from sternal head (grip 1-1.25X acromium span) to clavicular head (1.25 - 1.75 acromium span) to anterior deltoids (>1.75 acromium span), as well as differences in tricep recruitment.



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