Look at this bad boy!!!!!

  1. Look at this bad boy!!!!!

    EVERYTHING, you need out of a rack,

    this is pimp as hell, i am going to get one,


    self spotting, my friend makes these and has the patent on the smart rack design, OMG

    6 of these in a gym thats all you would need.

    make sure you expand the pic and read the captions.
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  2. Thumbs up

    the squat rack extends to 8 feet so you can do pull ups with the bar, it has dip attach ments, and he is in the process of making a smartrack dumbell apparattus attachment.
    and if you have ever used that then you know how friggin cool it is.

    he has put a few of his smart rack design benches in the venice GOLDS....

    i HAVE to have one.
    forget the monolift, forget conventional non self spotting benches here it is, i am pumped, i am going to sell my car.

  3. Dam could I use that,I have sh*t for space...Nice find

  4. I have a half rack unit in addition to my full rack and they work just fine. I still prefer a full-rack for squatting in, but either does well. It looks like a good piece of equipment and optimal for those with floor space in sort supply.

    Iron Addict
  5. Is it like A smith machine or what???

    Do you still need to balance the bar, or does it balance for you (like A smith machine?) Looks cool though, what are they worth???

  6. This definatley has caught my eye. Nice work kelsey. In the near future (hopefully) I'll be moving into my own house and ditch the roomate/rentals. If for some reason I don't have the space for my equipment now, then I'll be looking for something more like this.

    1400 bones though...ouch!!...but I guess if it does all thaty it says then it'd be worth it no?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellhound
    Do you still need to balance the bar, or does it balance for you (like A smith machine?) Looks cool though, what are they worth???

    the bar is completely seperate, like a power rack.

    those catches allow you to bench, squat , max effort, alone.....hehe

    ill have to check on the price again.
    ill ask him again i may have priced it with a top o the line bench.
    I told him to stop what he was doing and go look for some land....to build a warehouse on to mass produce these things.

    i told him he should let me take one to the arnold expo weekend and dispaly it in a booth, either way this is going to be his meal ticket.

    Colleges,this is all any strength oriented institution would Ever need.

  8. here is basically he is building as a pin-on apparattus for the T-RAK, it allows you to start them in an upward part of the movent, then when you lift them it retracts. there is no way I could have done 130lb dumbells on the incline without this, kicking them up and then pressing them....no way.
    They come in both db configuration or Olympic, flat incline or decline, overhead even.
    i have been working out on these things for years, in his gym in Tulsa, they r really functional.
    Again, i am getting a Trak WITH THE D/BELL ATTACHMENT.
    here is a link to the benches. the trak is brand new he hasnt updated his site. i ripped the flyer out of his hand.

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  9. Thumbs up

    The dumbell racks freaking rock. I love using them.
    They make hvy dumbell work feasable to do by yourself b/c no
    one has to hand you one.

    This guy builds his equipment to take a serious pounding.

    I can't wait to get one of these racks, b/c its worth every

  10. Damn that looks sweet...too bad I don't have the money for one of those right now.


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