Blasting my upper neck muscles a little too much

  1. Blasting my upper neck muscles a little too much

    I pulled or otherwise really irritated the upper muscles of my neck again while squatting low weight. Last time this happened, I was also squatting and I thought I had a brain aneurysm or something since I felt it in my brain and it was so intense. Seeing how I didn't die, and because it happened again later that week, I knew it was something different.

    Anyways, the last time this happened was last year around November, and the problem mostly went away after a month until just today. I was squatting, and suddenly I had to stop because I started feeling a really bad headache. Went for a second set then had to stop everything completely as the headache came back similar to last November. I am now pretty sure that where I'm injuring myself is around my upper neck/muscles attaching my head to my neck.

    I'll ice it tonight and maybe drop some ibuprofin. But does anyone know what this might be about and how to prevent it from happening?

  2. Sounds perhaps like you may be impinging upon one of the internal carotid arteries and momentarily cutting off blood supply to the brain. The headache relates to the duration where blood is cut off and the time it takes to replenish oxygen in the brain.

    What do you do with your head when you squat? It should be kept in alignment with the spine (ie: straight ahead, no neck flexion or extension (do not "look up").


  3. That makes sense. I think it was caused from looking up - I hadn't squatted with a barbell in almost a few months so it's possible a lot of things in my form were exaggerated including that. The thing that sucks is that the pain remains and is recurrent after its onset. The last time this happened, I couldn't work out unless I wore a beanie or a shirt on my head keeping it warm, without having the debilitating headache. Why would this be?

  4. Not sure...could be a number of things from nothing to serious. I'd see a doc, its probably nothing serious, maybe an impinged nerve, but better safe then sorry

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