A little story about Genetics

  1. A little story about Genetics

    While on base in California,i had a friend,that i would hang with sometimes. We used to go to T.J. on the weekends,with other friends,and sometimes mess around at the gym. He was about 6' at around 225lbs. I put 5'10" at 200 but i don't know what the hell i'm talking about. I remember now he was 6' and i remember him telling me he was currently 225. He was solid too,with very noticable ab muslces. No one but me knew that he used AAS before,until this time in TJ him,i,and a couple other friends were sitting inside this club having a few beers talking about BBing. Now none of my other friends lifted at all. The only ones that knew anything about BBing were my 200lbs friend and myself. My one friend is complimenting my other friend(the 200lb friend)saying he has a good build but,it is obvious that he has great genetics for bbing and that he could tell that he has never used AAS,because it's obvious when people use aas,to him. Well,my friend(200lb guy)and i starting laughing and my friend came out and told them that he did use while in Japan. he said that he would show us pictures of before he started training,when we got back to base. Now,i've never even seen these pics myself,because he said he was embarrased of them. MAN! I gotta tell you,he was a beenstalk. I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought he was joking and just showing us pics of his little brother,but it was him. He was in for 6yrs and the 1st yr was before Japan,so those pics were less than 5yrs old. He wasn't training(well just messing around,and i mean messing around)while he was with me,which amazed me. After seeing those pics of what he used to look like,i thought he would have had to train like a madman just to keep his current size. He was also off all gear for at least 2yrs,because he was not on good terms with this Capt and this Capt threatened him about his aas use before. This guy obviously knew his **** and told my friend that if he thought he was using illegal supps he would test him,so he satyed natural,but kept some very nice size. After seeing Bobo's pics and my friends a while back,it just goes to show,that you can never tell ones genetic potential. ... I few years ago,a friend of mine moved to Florida because he wanted the warm wheather all year round,got tired of Jersey,and his job was going to be sending someone,so he took the opportunity. I went to visit him and i'll tell you,if it wasn't for my wife wanting to stay near familiy and the baby coming,i'd be there too :-) .. anyway,my friend was always skinny and this kept his self esteem pretty low with the women,so he never really had a girlfriend or went on many dates. He came up to visit me almost 1yr before my wedding(june 2003)and he was telling me how he still couldn't meet anyone,so i told him when he gets back home to get started on a diet and workout plan. O i forget that i did meet up with him in Vegas a few months later,and this is where he said he was going on a plan when he got home.I just basically told him to eat alot,because of his high metabolizm,and keep his workouts intense but only about 45min. Well,he came back to be in my wedding about 8 months later and i didn't recognize him when he got out of the car to walk up to my house. He gained 17lbs of what looked like mostly muscle and was confident as ever. I found out from him later that all that weight was gained in about 2 months and he was getting lazy with workouts after that because he was getting noticed and went out more often(no time for gym :-) When he came back for my wedding,girls that didn't pay much attention to him before started giving him compliments and one very pretty girl even asked if he had a girlfriend. it made my day seeing him so happy. Well,i haven't heard from him since the wedding,so there goes that friendship. :-) DAMN! My wife is going to kick my ass,if dinner isn't ready. ****! later

  2. i need the cliff's notes

  3. Quote Originally Posted by GettinSwole
    i need the cliff's notes
    LMAO I'm still writting them. hold....

  4. Haha, cliff notes...

    Yeah, I agree. One's genetics can be totally different than what once was thought. 2 and a half years ago when I first started up again, I thought that I was gonna be 150-160lbs. forever. 2 years later, that couldn't be further from the truth. Here's to reaching our goals.

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