Different lifts, different days

Probably the majority of the people reading this structure their routines by picking a group of lifts and dividing them over their preferred split and then doing the same lifts week in and week out. This is a great way to train, and will provide good results for a large segment of the lifting population. Recruitment pattern gains are best when doing this, and it is a time proven method. However some will do much better by "rotating" their lifts on a predefined basis.

You don't have to do the same lifts for strength and size to go up. There are many proven systems that work along these lines and as long as the lifts mimic your core lifts at least reasonably close there is a fair amount of strength transfer from one to the other. Look at Westside Barbells approach to this using the “conjugate method�. The usual Westside approach is to never do a max effort lift for more than two weeks in a row and the advanced guys rotate ME work every week, and rarely is the same workout performed. DC has the trainee pick 3 different lifts a muscle and has the trainee perform a different lift every week. And of course it is a given that many good BB's train by the "instinctive approach and just do whatever feels right each particular workout. However instinctive training should be reserved for very advanced lifters only in my opinion, and the vast majority of those reading this should leave that approach alone.

The way I usually perform this type of workout is to pick two different routines, and do a different one each week. This means all the lifts are different each week, and on week three it repeats. I believe recruitment pattern gains are somewhat better than having more lifts spread out over more weeks, or just doing something different every time, while still providing much more variation than doing the same thing over and over. Every 6-12 weeks a different set of routines is inserted if it is decided to stay on this type of format.

The primary benefits of this system are:

More variety is performed providing a more balanced physique without resorting to extreme volume loads.
The trainee is less likely to get “stuck� on the lifts performed.
More variety tends to keep the trainee mentally fresh.
Size gains tend to be a bit better, though strength may suffer somewhat for some trainees due to decreased recruitment pattern gains.

It’s simple, effective, and it works!

Iron Addict