Hit the wall, need your help

  1. Exclamation Hit the wall, need your help

    Hey guys,

    Recently "I have hit the wall". Now let me get into detail and what hit the wall is, and im sure you may have experienced something like this.

    Well whenever we workout, day by day, week by week, we build strength and muscle from those hard workouts we do. But then theres a time when you get decent results but theres a point where you "Hit the wall", where no matter how hard and how long you workout for you don't really see any new or good results for a long period of time. This is one of the main reasons people take anabolic supplements which speed up the process.

    See now I have been taking the basic Creatine Before workouts and Protein after workouts but last month i've hit the wall and from since I haven't seen any great results. Still the same strength, no matter how heavy I go and how many reps I do.... I still don't see a great difference than before. Where months before when ever I worked out, day by day I would at least be able to do 1 more rep or bring up the weights heavier.

    Now if you want I have just started a log with ALR Bad Ass Mass check out (anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/172148-alr-bam-log.html)

    I have just started taking that and from a weeks research I have noticed that ALR has put up some great supplements. Now I am new to all these anabolic supplements and when people say something like PCT/PTC I have no clue what they are talking about.

    For a newbie like me who has started pumping weights for only 6 months, with decent results, not to brag but moderate abs I say I have improved a lot from before. But theres that time when you hit the wall and that has recently happened which convinced me to order ALR Bad Ass Mass (BAM) capsules. As a lot of bodybuilders recommend it and they say it can actually speed up the process.

    Now heres why I need your help. A lot of people are doing their on cycle thing and If you look at my log which is at (anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/172148-alr-bam-log.html), I am wondering if anybody on this site/forum could give me some tips and advice on how to build great results quickly as possible.

    But hey stop, I don't want to take any dangerous supplements that kill my balls, voice, or give me extreme side effects that people say rumors about steroids. I simply want to "break through that wall", get great results, get bigger arms, build great muscle mass and live a better lifestyle.

    Counting on you guys for some great advice.

  2. Exclamation Stats


    Height: 6ft
    Weight: 78Kgs (172lbs)
    Age: 17
    Sex: Male
    Current Supplements: GNC Creatine (Pre Workout), Musashi Mass Protein (After Workout)
    Just Started: ALR Bad Ass Mass (BAM) - 2 Tablets per day, 1 in morning and 1 in afternoon.

  3. You have to take it slow buddy.You think all those guys you see that are huge got like that overnite?All your do is overtrain and set yourself back take your time and enjoy it.Work hard eat right and muscle size will follow!Also change your exercises from time to time add more weight here and there.

  4. Thanks for the tip, its like every late teen wants, quick good results.

  5. And likely if you hit some sort of wall at 6 months, then its just time to change your workout routine and up how much you are eating. see when you say

    where no matter how hard and how long you workout for you don't really see any new or good results for a long period of time
    I don't consider less than 2 months to be a "long period of time" in that regard.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    And likely if you hit some sort of wall at 6 months, then its just time to change your workout routine and up how much you are eating. see when you say

    I don't consider less than 2 months to be a "long period of time" in that regard.
    Agreed...this is NOT a race, its a lifestyle. I'm 18 years in the making as far as weightlifing goes. If you make this a sprint, you will burn out, hurt yourself, overtrain, result to drugs, etc. If you make this a life style...the sky is the limit. Eat right, train hard, and enjoy! The older you get, the slower the gains come.

    Seriously...at your age all you have to do is eat big, stay away from drugs/alcohol, and train. Your body is PRIME for adding size.

  7. Its good you like to research and ask questions, that important to success.

    So, start researching correct nutritiuon and training programs.

    DeFranko's site is a good place to start. So is berardi's, as well as many of the articles on t-nation


  8. Thanks a lot people, I have a good friend and got told to stick to the basics creatine and protein for before and after workout and to simply eat good as in healthy food but at the same time ensure its not really unhealthy food allowing me to gain good fats not bad fats. Now finally I did some final research..

    I looked that supplements ALR BAM shouldn't be used till the age of 21. Now a lot of people don't really care about the age but heres what the results I found after an hours research..

    At the age of 16-17 your testosterone levels peak so testosterone supplements should only be taken at ending 17 - starting 18 where you should start slowly with 1 tablet a day of ALR BAM (Example).

    So I also read the side effects of testosterone boosters when taking it at the natural testosterone peaking ages (16-17). And its really bad.

    Side Effects at Peaking Age:

    1). Loss of hair in future
    2). Bad Sperm
    3). Weakening immune system
    4). May lead the body to shutdown in future
    5). Acne
    6). High Blood Pressure
    7). Problems in concentrating
    8). Problems with Prostate Cancer (Problems when urinating).

    And these are stuff no 16-17 year old teen should take.

    Thanks a lot for the tips.

  9. Right, because there's such a huge difference between 17 and 364 days vs. 18??

    Your testosterone levels stay elevated into your mid 20's to mid 30's depending on how well you take care of yourself (behavior) and your genetics.

    Where are you basing this research off of? The ALRI website? Some dude posting on an internet forum?

    Rather then criticize, let me teach you how to research:

    What are the ingrediants in BAM? Lets start by a simple medline/pubmed search:

    25r 5-alpha-spirostan-6-one-3b-ol: no results
    (25R)-4-Spirosten-3b,6b-diol: no results

    Even a google search of these two ingrediants only turns up references to the ALRI supplement.

    So I went a step further and just searched on pubmed search on spirosten, and turned up a few articles. The correct chemical name, which our freinds at ALRI neglected to use is: Spirostan-3-ol, (3b,5a,25R)-

    So I pubmed searched Spirosten-3-ol and turned up a list of articles, mostly dealing with the extraction/isolation of the compound from varios asparagus plants or research pertaining to cancer and the compound. Both are found in wild yams (diosgenin)

    So, then I did a search with just spirosten and testosterone, and guess what, found nothing.

    The only thing that I found (in my limited research) that comes even close to relating spirosten (the second ingrediant: -5- Alpha-Spirostan-6-one-3b-ol) to the male endocrine system was that they found it in tribulus terristis, which used to be used as a testosterone booster, but does very little to actually increase test porduction or improve performance

    Again, the above link deals with cancer cells.

    Next up: Muira Puama. Pubmed search of this and testoerone yeilds nothing.

    Looked over their ref's: For example this:
    Muira Pauma is mentioned twice in the article, once in the abstract and once in the table, next to which it says "Testosterone-like-effect"
    Pub med search of muira pauma or (Ptychopetalum olacoides) brings up some good info about its stress reduction and neuro-protective effects, but not too much directly relating to performance or hypertrophy.

    So, what have we learned?

    Well, first there isn't much research supporting any of the claims of the manufacturer:
    1.Stimulate muscle ARís for enhanced protein synthesis and tissue repair.
    2.Bind SHBG to increase levels of free testosterone.
    3.Increase LH/FSH to maximize output of natural testosterone.
    4.Increase glycogen retention and optimize internal hydration levels.
    5.Support superior protein synthesis through modulation of transcription factors.
    6.Inhibits excessive cortisol levels for an anti-catabolic effect.
    7.Promote recovery of the neuromuscular matrix.
    8.Provide superior results either in a synergistic stack or as a standalone supplement.

    Next, we did not find much research detailing possible side effects of the two new compounds.

    So, now you have a couple options...

    Take it not knowing exactly what is going on (yes..im sure many of you who have used it have "felt something"..but what is that you are feeling?)
    Forget about it.
    Or, (what i suggest) continue to research the compounds, or look for new updates in research done on the compounds, and then make a decision.

    Hope that helps.

    And...in support of everyone else: Eat well, train smart, and grow. Supplements help you fill in the blanks, they do not cause the gains.



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