Forced to Lower Volume by Androgens

  1. Unhappy Forced to Lower Volume by Androgens

    Since dropping Tri-Max and adding M1T to my Sldge Test/1-Test-cyp cycle , I can hardly make it through a 45 min workout anymore. The few sets I get done are incredibly intense, and far exceed the previous week's workout. I get cartoon character/lat syndrome pumps and after 6-8 sets I have to leave the gym because I can barely move. 45min has been the longest I've worked out in a while now, usually anywhere from 25-40min. I used to train 1hr, no more no less, every session. Yesterday I squatted, and I've been doing sets of 5 for about 4 months or more now, and they've been kinda stagnant as of late. I built up to 335X5 about 4 weeks ago and haven't gone up since. So I dropped it to 275, and hit sets of 12, 10, and then 225X12. I did one set of leg extensions, then did a set of cable side bends (obliques). At this point my lower back was so pumped that I could hardly walk (not to mention the agonizing pain), so I left after only 25min. So here's the question... What should I do (if anything) to compensate for the lower volume (mind you the intensity is unreal, for me)? Should I up the frequency, lift different muscle groups twice a day, or just keep other factors the same and hope that the extra intensity will pay off?

  2. I think you had the right idea with lowering the weight and raising the volume. I would maybe even think about lowering it a little more to get more sets in. That should let you get your muscles more smoked before they get pumped.

    I had the opposite problem on M1T. I normally go to the gym for 45 min of resistance training. On M1T, I'd be in there for like an hour and fifteen minutes and would still want to do more because my muscles still weren't dead. I always end up having to force myself to leave.

  3. The combination of 1test/m1t is probably not a good idea.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Billy the kid
    The combination of 1test/m1t is probably not a good idea.
    Umm... care to elaborate???

  5. Quote Originally Posted by supersoldier
    Umm... care to elaborate???
    I think that is some brotelligence there. He probably means in terms of lethargy, which is not even mentioned. So like SS said umm... care to elaborate???

  6. I would be passing out if I had solid doses of both m1t and 1-t in me. 1-T is enough to require 200-400mg of caffine throughout the day to keep me awake (depending on dose and amount of 4AD/test running against it).

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  7. Not only will you get the extra lethargy from too much 1 test, you will also increase the painful cramps.

    This has been discussed before. Everyone says do one or the other. Hell, why dont you just double your dose of cyp.

    You are proving the theories correct with this cycle. It is not wise to stack 1test with M1t.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by supersoldier
    I have to leave the gym because I can barely move.
    I get that from m1t alone. Especially with anything above 10mg.

    Quote Originally Posted by supersoldier
    At this point my lower back was so pumped that I could hardly walk (not to mention the agonizing pain)
    This is obviously a side effect of too much 1 test.

    How long have you been on cycle anyway?

  9. SS, really up your potassium and taurine intake. Magnesium as well...pretty much pump the electrolytes and osmolites to keep the cells hydrated. Other then that, I would not drop weight much to compensate. If you can only get 30 mins or so, a 2 a day split would not be a bad idea at all with the amount of androgens your on. Also, how about an alcar/caff/l-tyrosine mix with maybe some buffers in there?

  10. I had the same problems that you speak of. For me it is no big deal because I powerlift so therefore my volume is not as much as a bodybuilder but what I do when I get heavy pumps is maybe take a longer rest between sets and try to stretch the muscle(s) that you are working on a little bit more that you usually do.

  11. The lethargy is definitely apparent, but not too much of a problem. Nothing that an occasional Tight! and Vasopro throughout the day can't take care of. Also ALCAR does help out a lot. The only "problem" is the pumps. Which isn't really a problem, just a factor that has to be dealt with either by lowering volume and only getting through 30min or so, or by doing 2-a-days and hitting each bodypart twice a week, or so. And no, it's not a "bad idea" to combine M1T and 1-test, generally speaking. It might not be a great idea for an individual because of sides, but it is by far the most potent legal combination you could come up with, and better (less hard on the body) IMO than stacking M1T with another methyl like M4OHN, or M1,4. Thanks for the advice from Scottyo, I will up my tauine intake by at least double, maybe triple since it's so cheap from Trueprotein, also I have some magnesium citrate powder that I hardly ever take just because I forget, but I'll get right on that too. And thanks to DougMan for teaching me the word "brotelligence", that's some funny ****, I'll have to use that one

  12. SS, has the Vasopro/M1T/1-test had any negative effects on your blood pressure?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by jas123
    SS, has the Vasopro/M1T/1-test had any negative effects on your blood pressure?
    Yes, but it's expected. Comparitively speaking I feel more of a blood pressure increase when I'm on clen alone than I do with all of this anabolic goodness.


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