Oblique problems

  1. Oblique problems

    I never work my obliques because I feel it makes the abs look better and the waist look smaller. However, my obliques look kind of squared out. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do?

  2. not sure what you're referring to when you say squared out but the one exercise that isolates the obliques that i most prefer is done this way....
    holding a dumbell straight up in the air (arms extended straight, with a slight bed in the elbow), raise the weight directly above your hip flexors (aligned with) in either hand. If you're holding the weight with the left arm, stretch out your opposing leg farely wide. While keeping the weight above the hip flexor throughout the entire motion of the exericse, reach your right hand down your shin, and to your feet (or as low as you can go). The stretch you get in your left side is incredible. I feel this variation of a side bend gets my obliques going more so than using a romain chair or a standard side bends.

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