Premature Growth Plate Closure Question

  1. Unhappy Premature Growth Plate Closure Question


    I have been feeling more and more concerned lately that I've stunted my growth by speeding up growth plate closure from AAS use. I'm 22 years old and play college basketball. My father is 6'5.5" and my mother is 5'9.5". I am currently 6'4".

    I know the initial thought will probably be that I am 22 and therefore done growing but I am a late bloomer and have actually grown 2 inches over the last 3 years (half an inch last year).

    My cycle history is below:

    July 2008: 2 weeks 4AD followed by 9 days M1t with Nolva 40/40/20/20 + Tribulus

    January 2009: 8 weeks 50mg Turanabol with Nolva 40/40/20/20 + Trib for PCT

    July 2009: 8 weeks 50mg Turanabol with Nolva 40/40/20/20 + Trib for PCT

    January 2010: 8 weeks 50mg Anavar with Nolva 40/40/20/20 + Trib for PCT

    Ultimately, my experiences with AAS is finished. I am certain I have no interest in supplementing with AAS anymore (though I have absolutely nothing against it).

    This leads to my question: Despite the fact that I have grown taller after all of my aforementioned cycles, is it possible that I sped up process of growth plate closure and lost some potential final height?

    I realize I am still growing and therefore my growth plates aren't closed fully but is it likely that I sped up the growth plate sealing process or stunted growth in any way?

    Any input very much appreciated and repped.

  2. Well no one else is touchin this so ill give it a shot.

    You obviously did AAS way to early if your having to ask these questions but,

    Var has been shown to increase growth in teens but not enough input on closing of the growth plates. Your system runs on an Estrogen feedback loop. Your body reacts to the levels of Estrogen not testosterone. When you're low on test your body doesn't know that. But test converts to estrogen and your body knows when it's low on estrogen. When it sees that you're low on estrogen it makes more test to be converted. This is what your body also uses to determine the end of your growth period. Your body will produce more test around 18-20 years old and that results in high estrogen levels. When your body sees the extra estrogen for an extended period it closes the growth plates.
    If you use oxandrolone or winny your body doesn't see a prolonged increase in estrogen and doesn't close the plates.

    In short, AAS's that increase estrogen will close your growth plates. Var shows AI properties and should not decrease your growth.
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  3. The best answer is "what difference does it make". There isn't anything you can do to change it now, worrying about what your height might have been if you didn't do AAS or if you ate more eggs or if you didn't jerk off as much won't change a thing. You'll never know for sure, and whatever height you reach is going to be the height you reach. Its possible you did, and possible it had no effect.

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