can someone please diagnose my condition?

  1. can someone please diagnose my condition?

    I mildely injured my right shoulder a while back benching too heavy (which was brought on by frequent boughts of benching too heavy, too often). So i stopped bench pressing for at least 2 months, and did dips instead, figuring i didn't feel any discomfort doing them, i was okay.

    Now that i am trying to bench again i am feeling the same problems in my right shoulder. Basically when i try to describe it, its pain and extreme weakness in the very lowest part of the range of motion. For example when doing incline DB bench by myself, when i have to kick up the DBs and do the first rep from the very lowest position, i can't get the dumbell up one the first rep. Its kind of an extreme weakness in the rear delt. But i started doing rotater cuff excercises and strecthes, and i definetly had an external/internal rotater imbalance, and i can definetly feel pain when stretching my right rotater cuff. So what do you guys think it is? rotater cuff problems, or a rear delt strain that never healed?

  2. also, could it be both?

    like that the muscles in my rotater cuff near my rear shoulder are affected?

    should i try ice and ant-inflammatories or is this different?

  3. When you are experiencing pain you're body is trying to tell you that you need to change something. Either you're lifting too heavy or your form needs to get better, or it could be a combination of both. I would get an MRI and find out what's really wrong if it bothers you too much.

  4. what rotator cuff exercises are you doing? my doc mentioned that it is common for weight lifters to get strong as hell delts in comparison to the rotator cuff, so that becomes a problem...he also told me of two exercises that focus totally on the rotator cuff...*shrugs*...he's a shoulder specialist, so I think he knows what he's talking about...
  5. shoulder pain

    I have same problem,when i bench heavy my right shoulder always hurts.Then after my workout it hurts for about 10 min or so.Then bam,it stops hurting .Its done this for over a year and i have had the doc check it out, even had it x rayed.Nothing was wrong acording to my doc.But its hurting my bench for sure.

  6. Hey zero: can you tell us those rotator exercises he reccomended?

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  7. Bump, zero.

  8. You could have rotator cuff impingement syndrome. I have this problem, and I 'm currently seeing a physiotherapist to correct it. I'm not sure if this is the problem you are describing, but it sure sounds like it, and its a pretty common problem. In a normal rotator cuff, the back/rotator cuff muscles keep the humerus (arm bone) down from the acromion (located above the top of the humerus), but if you are BBing, sometimes the other muscles that also exibit a pull on the rotator cuff (pectorals, upper traps) become much stronger than the upper back and rotator cuff muscles, which causes the humerus to be pulled up toward the acromion. The result is that the tendon that runs between the acromion and humerus is squeezed between these two bones, causing pain, especially during overhead movements. You may want to have your doc refer you to a physiotherapist so that he/she can take a look at it and see if this is the problem.


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