Biceps shutdown beginning of WO.

  1. Biceps shutdown beginning of WO.

    Yesterday was suppose to be an off day but found myself home alone and made it an arms day. Started off with preacher curls. I did 1 warmup set, then got after it. In the middle of my 3rd set I just couldn't move the weight. There was no burning, no pain, just nothing at all. I put the bar down, waited 3 minutes and tried again. Same thing happened. I haven't trained biceps in over a week. I can't figure this out because my tricep wo was great. Was able to complete all sets and felt the burning. Any ideas???

  2. Could be some nerve thing or golgi tendon

  3. Interested in knowing what this is also, I have experienced this once before. Although it went away, the next Bi wo.

  4. I just had this happen.. today is a chest and bicep day.. I went to do my usual lifts.. had to do it out of order today and when I did my concentration curl my bicep failed on a dumbell 10lbs lighter(warm up set) than the failure set's.. thought wtf? but kept going.. I forced through it with the same weight for my working set because even 5lbs heavier wouldn't ****ing move.. went to do straight bar curls and it worked semi ok.. but then I kicked it up and did forced reps to kick the muscles ass.. hopefully it learned :P.. but seriously... am I plateauing? or something weird is going on.. it messed up the whole day of lifting for me..

    on a plus side it was the most insane pump I've ever gotten in my biceps..

  5. anyone have a clue about why this could happen?

  6. lol, I forgot I had posted this, it just happened the one time. The next week when I worked bi's, all was good. I have no clue what happened.
    Taste the rainbow.

  7. well.. I hope that this is the case with me as well..


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