Strange physical reaction after high rep squats

  1. Strange physical reaction after high rep squats

    So, while I have been DC training for only about a week and a half, I had incorporated his leg routine into my own workouts at least a month or two ago with great success. However, there is something that concerns me that I only realized a couple weeks ago.

    This doesn't happen with leg presses, and *usually* not with hack squats, but always with normal squatting. I'm pretty sure it happens only after the 20 repper, but I've been noticing that once I get that over with my balls migrate north for quite a while (since I work out in the late afternoon, it basically lasts the rest of the evening). Is this ok?


  2. are you taking any AAS?

  3. Do you jack off a lot?

    I don't really think its much to worry about. Do you get plenty of sleep. Tried ZMA?

  4. My guess would be due to oblique tightening and the inguinal canal that runs through the inguinal ligament.

    Basically, the bottom of the obliques roll up to create the inguinal ligament that runs from the top of the illeum (hip bone) the pubic arch. The transverse abdominals and other muscles also attach to this ligament. Through this ligament is a canal, and through that canal runs the tube that carries sperm from the testies to the urethra.

    So, my guess is that the obliques or TA remains right, and due to the tension, the balls rise.

    Try sucking in your stomach, and watch your boys rise up.

    The other options is due to the intense exercise, and the effect on blood blow and SNS innervations.


  5. effect of blood flow imo

  6. Hmmm ... I wonder if an inguinal hernia could cause this?

  7. Sorry guys, comp crashed so didn't check back on this to see responses. Thanks again.

    1) No AAS.

    2) Negative on the jacking off, but I don't take in ZMA and I think my sleep patterns are usually ok.

    3 and 4) Thanks a bunch Zir. I think the blood flow issue could be the culprit. I'll try the stomach thing later on, lol.


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