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    A buddy and I are trying to upgrade our home gym. But really dont know of many good places to go for good equipment without paying an arm and a leg! We are really looking for a quality power cage and a good leg press, without spending a fortune. Just wondering where to look?

  2. If it were me... I would see if I could find someone that welds and see what they could do... you also might check at the local tech school or college to find someone to weld it, might get off cheaper with better quality..

  3. Bump to what Matt said and check out the local newspaper. I got most of my equipment at Dick's Sporting goods believe it or not....got in on a really good sale.

    Pick up the power cage, BB, and weights there. DB's can get kind of expensive though...I'm still working on that.

    You can make your own dip station by making a pair of sturdy sawhorses, as well of a lot of other things...

  4. Right now we have a enough to do just about any exercise we want, I am really wanting to get a leg press, would really round out the room. Dumbells do get expensive but have been working on that for awhile. Once you get over 100lbers, it really starts getting expensive! I will look into building one, I can weld and just might do it. Its just kind of nerve racking laying underneath a bunch of weight held up by something I BUILT!

    I will keep an eye out though...thanks

  5. I got some stuff from fitnessfactoryoutlet.com....ev en with shipping the prices weren't too bad IMO. Other online places are http://www.newyorkbarbells.tv

  6. Thanks J!

  7. Have you ever used the vertical presses? They look a bit cheesy.


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