Cranial Nerves

  1. Cranial Nerves

    *You have 12 cranial nerves located in the brain and each is in charge of a certain function or functions. These functions can be Sensory(S), Motor(M) or Both(B)

    Here they are listed:

    *Olfactory- In charge of smell (S)
    *Optic- Periphreal vision, PEARL (S)
    *Oculomotor- Eye movements up & down (B)
    *Trochlear- Eye movements (M)
    *Trigeminal- Biting down or jaw movements (B)
    *Abducens- Lateral eye movements (M)
    *Facial- Smile, forwn, wrinkle forehead & taste (B)
    *Auditory-vestibulochlear- Hearing & Equilebrium (B)
    *Glossopharyngeal- Tasting & Swallowing (B)
    *Vagus- Gag Reflex (B)
    *Spinal Accessory- Neck & shoulder strength (M)
    *Hyoglossel-Tongue movement (M)

  2. Ok, thanks.


    Also I like girls.

  3. Originally posted by jweave23
    Ok, thanks.


    Also I like girls.
    jweave man! thats my line (ha) ill be talking to some girls and i would blalently say, "ya....i like girls." (good stuff, ha) but hey, when i put my tongue into use, i do think about how my hyoglossel cranial nerve is working as a motor function. THe list just sounds impressive. Sage

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