1. ACSM vs. NSCA

    I know they both have different POV. I just wondered what everyone out here thinks about the different trains of thought and the different certs they have. I have to say that I am an ACSM person due to being into the exercise phys. background.

    If you don't like either of these then which one of the certs is the best one out on the market at why?

  2. It really depends on what you are doing with the certification. If you are working with populations that have pre-existing disease or significant medical issues that are training mostly for the health benefits, then ACSM is probably better. If you are strictly dealing with healthy athletic populations interested in perform improvement, then NSCA is probably the way to go. So I don't think one or the other is "better" as both are appropriate depending on the situation.

  3. Clinical setting: ACSM
    Gym setting: NSCA
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. I agree with both of you. I had one professor who refused to even talk I just found it funny. But from all of my education its just fun to see why people think what they do even if everything is clear cut, because not everyone has the same thought process.

  5. what Rodja said

  6. u realistically need both if you are going to be a trainer. i also highly suggest you take a biomechanics class and learn about moment arms of tendons and joint angles etc becuase a lot of the "form" in exercise is based on preventing injury (usually to the muscle), but sometimes its the tendon that needs to be protected more. it will give you more perspective on what you ask of clients. i found it to be very eye openning, a lot of work, but very interesting how the human body and physics of lever systems work along with joints and tendons.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Clinical setting: ACSM
    Gym setting: NSCA
    Sounds good.

  8. Love it. Very straight forward and is so true. I do think you need to be well versed in both of their meanings even if you only have one cert. Because they both give helpful information and can potential be very beneficial to ones job. In the field of exercise science it is always evolving and changing so I know that for someone to stay current they are always learning and changing and creating new things to help improve what is already known.


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